Main Services Overview


Whether you need information regarding the regulatory requirements of the gas appliances, gas installation, maintenance or advice about the correct choice of appliances for your specific needs, we at gas warehouse can assist you.

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Site Inspection

Whether you are interested in buying a new gas appliance but are uncertain about the installation thereof on your site, or in need of a third party inspection of your gas installation you are looking at the right people to assist you.


For the installation of your gas products, doesn’t matter the size, we can assist you to ensure that the installation is done correctly in accordance with the regulations, that the correct material and components has been

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Gas warehouse specializes in the repair of gas appliances, we stock spares for all our brands in the showroom and if the spare parts is not in stock, we will order it. Furthermore, we will source any spare for other brands and repair the appliances, where possible. Where no spares are available we can offer a replacement appliance or component. For maintenance of your appliances, components, and installations contact us and we will gladly assist.